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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect a suggie to cost?

Sugar Gliders range in price based on several factors. You can expect a classic "gray" suggie to start between $250 and $300. All pricing is based on color, markings, and breeding qualities. More rare colors increase the cost. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding specific colors or budget.


Does my suggie need a friend?


Sugar gliders are colony animals, so they absolutely should not be kept as singles. They must be kept in pairs or more, with very, very few exceptions.


What do I need before my Blue Moon Baby comes home?

You will need to have basic supplies for your new family member before he/she comes home. Some items can take a little time to receive and set up.

You will need:
- Cage
- Toys
- Sleeping Accessories
- Exercise Wheel/Treadmill
- Approved Diet Plan
- Bonding Treats


How will I get my new Blue Moon Baby?

Yes, we can ship your babies nationwide!
(Continental USA ONLY)

PICK UP: Animals may be picked up at no additional charge.


TRANSPORT: Available Locally or Nationwide ($170 additional fee)


Animals can be delivered by a USDA-licensed pet transporter on the next available route via door-to-door ground transport. Routes are nationwide and occur once or twice a month. Before purchasing, please bear in mind that we cannot provide a delivery date until our transporter does. While we will try to get your baby to you as soon as possible, not all routes travel through every state. Delivery estimates are not guaranteed, as factors such as traffic, construction and weather conditions can affect actual delivery dates/times. Actual delivery can occur at any time, day or night. Buyers will be updated with delivery estimate changes, and drivers will contact the buyer directly by the phone number disclosed on our application when they are upon approach. Buyer or authorized receiver must meet with the drivers within 15 minutes of arrival, show government-issued photo ID and sign all accompanying forms. Failure to comply to these terms will result in the transporter leaving with the animals. The buyer may then choose to have the animals redelivered at the buyer’s expense, or they may choose to cancel the sale. A cancellation of the sale will result in forfeiture of all deposits, shipping fees and vet fees, and another shipping fee will be charged to transport the animals back to the seller. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the buyer. Remember, “ready by” dates are only approximations and are never guaranteed, as the animal must be a healthy weight and thriving independent of its parents before going to their new home.


PLEASE NOTE: It is known that transport can be stressful on animals. The buyer must understand that Blue Moon Babies has no control over what happens to the animal during transport. Once the animal has left our care, we makes no guarantees of the animal's condition when it arrives. It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure any animal throughout transport, if desired. We prefer all our buyers to pick up their new pets from us in person. However, if the buyer still wishes to choose this transport option, it is at the buyer's own risk.

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